The High Cost of Hand Watering Your Lawn

The Cost of Hand Watering


By Chad Castellanos


Having a nice yard is something homeowners strive for. It is aesthetically pleasing, adds value, and most importantly ads comfort. If you like to spend your spare time outdoors, it’s a lot more comfortable walking on soft grass than a bunch of crunchy weeds – especially if you have kids.

A nice lawn, however, doesn’t just magically appear. It does come with a cost of time and money.


Did you know that the average person spends more than $500 for the basic equipment necessary to hand water their lawn with hoses?


Here’s the breakdown


$100 – 2 100 foot heavy duty unkinkable hoses ($50 each)

$250 – 2 high quality hose reels ($125 each)

$100 – 2 professional sprinkler heads ($50 each)

$ 50  – 2  hose sprinkler timers ($25 each)

$ 30  – 2 hose splitters ($15 each)

$ 40 –  2 soaker hose ($20 each)


Total = $570


$570 is a pretty large expense to the average household, and if you go cheap on the above items, you will soon regret it. Dragging hoses around that kink all the time, and reeling them up with a crappy reel is only fun about 1 time… And after that 1 time you probably will end up ditching the cheap hoses and then buying the better products leaving you with an extra expense.


Not only is buying the equipment a large expense, it is also time consuming. The average person spends over 100 hours per season hand watering their yard. On top of that, they are watering very inefficiently unless they are willing to move their heads around every 20 minutes or so.


Then at the end of the season all those items need to be stored away somewhere, and you might not find all the parts next year or you might leave your hoses in the snow only to find out next year there is a great big hole in your hose!


Let’s do some basic math. If it costs $570 for the equipment, and it takes you 100 hours per year of your time to hand water your lawn, it may be more reasonable to skip buying the hoses and work 100 hours at your job to purchase an automatic sprinkler system that will allow you to enjoy a nice lawn without the extra work.

There are many benefits of having an automatic sprinkler system. Automatic sprinkler systems are a much more efficient way to water than hand watering. Sprinkler systems disperse the water efficiently with head to head coverage. They also give you full control of the times of day you water, and they can be programmed to add more water to the drier areas in your yard, and less water in the shady areas that might not need as much water.

If you would like to enjoy a worry free lush green lawn go here to schedule an estimate.

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