Hunter Vs. Rainbird A Contractors Opinion

Our sprinkler company River Cities Systems started out over 20 years ago using a variety of products including Nelson, Toro, Hunter, and Rainbird. We let each customer choose what brand they wanted to use, and after about 5 years or so, we noticed that our customers were choosing to install predominately Hunter and Rainbird products.…

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The High Cost of Hand Watering Your Lawn

The Cost of Hand Watering   By Chad Castellanos   Having a nice yard is something homeowners strive for. It is aesthetically pleasing, adds value, and most importantly ads comfort. If you like to spend your spare time outdoors, it’s a lot more comfortable walking on soft grass than a bunch of crunchy weeds –…

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3 Steps To Having a Perfect Lawn

The 3 Steps To A Perfect Lawn By Chad Castellanos Irrigation Technician One of the main issues that we see people struggling with their lawns today are dry patches throughout their entire lawn. This can be a pain for a number of reasons. Having a crispy dry lawn can decrease your property value, and can…

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